Oslo // 29. mar, 30. mar, 31. mar
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INFERNO MUSIC CONFERENCE:  3 days of Q&A`s, Panel debates, Workshops, Instrument Clinics and social gatherings! 


Globalization in the live music industry/marked

What happens when international booking agencies all of a sudden start to book concerts and festivals in your country, in a territory that more or less used to be booked by the people that lived there? Today we can see a growing trend of promoters and companies setting up concerts and booking bands directly to the local promoters/venues and often even start their own festivals. Is the cost of ignoring the traditional local booking companies and local promoters a good or bad thing in this day and age? What will the ramifications be if the concert marked becomes monopolized and how will this effect smaller booking agents, festival owners and even bands? 


  • Luuk Van Gestel – Doomstar Bookings
  • JJ Tartaglia – Bonesdale Records
  • Tomas Fiala – Brutal Assault
  • Roman Alexander Hödl 
  • Walter Hojemakers – Roadburn 

Moderator: Pål Dimmen, Music Norway

The Canadian Market

JJ Tartaglia from Boonsdale Records / Skull Fist / Wacken Metal Battle Canada will share his wisdom on the Canadian metal industry - festivals, touring, promoters, labels, PR. How to effectively break into the Canadian market without blowing your budget.


Festivals: Against all Odds

How to manage to build a sustainable festival against all odds, in a market characterized by several new festivals that pop up every year.

What`s needed to survive in today's festival market?


  • Roland "Bogo" Ritter (With Full Force)
  • Karl Óttar Pétursson (Eistnaflug)
  • Walter Hojiemakers (Roadburn)
  • Thomas Fiala (Brutal Assault)
  • Runa Strindin (Midtgardsblot)

Moderator: Gunnar Saurmann (Metal Hammer)

Drum Clinic with Cato Bekkevold From Enslaved

Cato Bekkevold tells you about life behind the set, live on festivals as well as tours, but also in the studio. You will get some insider tips, tricks and experiences, some good stories, and playthroughs of songs both encouraged and the "unwanted".


Guitar Clinic with Ihsahn

In addition to Ihsahn`s performances at Inferno Festival in 2018,  he will also be hosting a guitar clinic for those who wish a more detailed insight into the music of Emperor and Ihsahn. Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) is a Norwegian composer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. He is best known for his work with black metal band Emperor and his solo work. 

Ihsahn is a multifaceted artist with years of experience. In style terms, his solo work and work with other artists have shown multiple musical forms from classical music, industrial metal to

More to be confirmed..




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Torsdag, 29. mars 2018 -
12:00 til 15:30
Scandic Hotell, Oslo
St. Olavs plass 1
0165 Oslo
Fredag, 30. mars 2018 -
12:00 til 15:30
Scandic Hotell, Oslo
St. Olavs plass 1
0165 Oslo
Lørdag, 31. mars 2018 -
12:00 til 15:30
Scandic Hotell, Oslo
St. Olavs plass 1
0165 Oslo
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